General Director Isabelle Gattiker 
Thematics Carole Vann

Executive assistant to the Direction, in charge of organizing Anne-Claire Adet
Coordination Florence Lacroix Bernier
Administration Marc-Erwan Le Roux
Administration Mercè Monjé

Programme Director Isabelle Gattiker
Fiction programme Jasmin Basic
Head of documentaries programme Daphné Rozat
Selection Consultant Alfio Di Guardo

Debates programming Carole Vann and Isabelle Gattiker
Assistant Sarah Franck
Consultant Anne-Claire Adet, Luisa Ballin, and Sévane Garibian

Head of Media and Promotion Luisa Ballin
Head of Communication and Marketing Arnaud Aubelle
Press Attaché Sebastian Justiniano
Press Assistants James Berclaz-Lewis and Diane Le Lay 
Promotion Assistant Fabio Sayour
Social Networks Assistant Johan Vigne

Catalogue and other publications Florence Lacroix Bernier
Assistant Sophie Maurice
Translation Marguerite DavenportJames Berclaz-Lewis and Diane Le Lay 

Design Catalina Ruiz

Head of Exhibits and Circle of Friends Mercè Monjé
Symposium organizer Paola Gazzani Marinelli
Fundraising Elisabeth Pfund

Head of Educational Programme Dominique Hartmann
Education Programme Assistant Mathias Froelhicher
Educational Programme hospital and prisons Claudia Dessolis

Guests and Accreditations Annick Bouissou
Guests and Travel Lisa Yahia-Cherif
Assistants Kamilia Al Zarka and Lara Martelli
Official Jury | Accomodation Mireille Vouillamoz

Volunteering and events Thierry Bouscayrol
Collaborator Chloé Pang

Technical and Logistics Manager André Gribi
Technical Fanny Visser
Technical assistant Maryke Oosterhoff
Technical director for the MCP Léo Leisibach
Logistics Rémi Scotto Di Carlo
Logistics and Management Stéphanie Gautier
Technical Manager Louis Jean and True Heroes Films
Visual partner and ceremonies Fabien Jupille

Accounting Nicole Mudry

Subtitles Raggio Verde 
Photographer Miguel Bueno
Assistant photographer  Marie de Lutz
In charge of interpreters Anne Woelfli

A warm thank you to all our volunteers!